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"Time spent with cats is never wasted"

Our wonderful feline companions are lovable, often independent, and full of delightful surprises.  Cats can also be very finicky and discriminating when it comes to their food.  Let us help!


Eldorado Country Pet carries over 175 delectable varieties of premium cat foods. We offer top quality dry foods in high protein, grain-free formulas, from the finest brands available.  If your cat is a bit overweight, has a sensitive tummy, or is a senior citizen, we’ve got the solution!  In canned foods you’ll have an eye-popping selection to keep your fussy feline happy.  We offer delicious, nutritious foods in a variety of sizes and textures: minced, shredded, diced niblets in gravy, or smooth paté in flavors from duck to salmon to ahi tuna and more.


We also carry plenty of toys and treats to keep your kitty fit and active.  Come visit us at Eldorado Country Pet and we’ll help you find everything your feline friend could ask for.

Select cat food & toy brands

Don't see your choice? Ask if we carry or we can special order

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